Catching up

I don’t know if I’ll be able to really catch up here.  Life has been a little hectic, but we all continue to have fun in the midst of chaos.  This weekend, we went to Tahoe with some friends from CDS. It was so relaxing and just what we all needed.  Ella had so much fun playing with Eli and Harry and Sunny and I had a great time with Arnie, Liz and Liz’s mom.  The kids went bike riding, swimming, watched movies, played games and the adults relaxed, did a big puzzle, had an adult only dinner and watched the kids play in the pool in 70º weather.  Ella has been having a blast at school and is writing up a storm.  Last week, Ella’s friend Emmi slept over and we took the girls to see Dolphin Tale.  One of Ella’s drawings below was inspired by the movie.

17.jpg23.jpg Harry and Eli were very patient with Ella and were trying to teach her how to play pool.

33.jpg Ella was so happy to go swimming.

43.jpg53.jpg63.jpg Bike riding around.  Eli came up to meet us when Ella was taking a while to get back.

73.jpg Some down time watching the Aristocrats.

8a.jpg Pics from last week…Ella and Emmi busy doing mosaics.

8b.jpg An intense game of pick up snakes.

8c.jpg Tic tac toe!

83.jpg This is a work of art that Ella did at school.  She had to draw about something that happened over the summer.  Ella wrote about losing a tooth.

93.jpg Ella did this at home with stencils after the movie a Dolphin’s Tale.  The dolphin’s name was Winter.  Here is the description that Ella told us about her picture…”This is called Discovery in the Sea.  The dolphin is Winter, the octopus is called Oct.  Under the waves is a fish named pretty, a dolphin called dolph and then I wrote beware on the two sharks.”  It all makes sense to me!  Great job Ella.

Here is a little movie of Ella and Eli in the pool over the weekend.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I love the pool video! Looks like you guys had a great time in Tahoe. Ella’s drawings are great! Miss you guys so much. Thanks for the video chat. Love you. Mom

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