Ella lost another tooth!

 It’s been another busy week and it ended with Ella losing her second tooth!  This week, Sunny and I went to back to school night at Ella’s school.  We spent about an hour in the classroom and wished that we could have stayed for much longer!  The kids are learning so much already.  We learned about the classroom agreements…”1. Respect and care for all people and things.  2. Be safe, try new things and have fun.  3. Be kind to yourself when things feel hard.”  The kids came up with these agreements.  The kids then came up with logical consequences then they are not cooperating and then an action of apology.  Here is a shot of the Consequences and action of apology.  67.jpgPretty cool stuff happening at school!

This weekend, we had Friday night movie night with Stella, Juliet, KJ, Helen and Ron.  We love these Friday nights hanging out with our next door family.  Today, we went to a little fair in our neighborhood and mommy met up with Chris and walked around with him telling people why they should vote for him for sheriff.  Ella had fun because there was a bouncy house there.  After the fair, Ella went to Taekwondo.  Towards the end of the class, Ella’s tooth fell out!

123.jpg Ella on the monkey bars at school.  She’s getting great at it but falls off at least once a day.

213.jpg313.jpg412.jpg Ella fooling around with her buddies before school.She was showing them all her loose tooth.

510.jpgThis was hanging in Ella’s classroom.  It tells about her hopes and dreams. Ella hopes to learn more math.

77.jpg Ella hanging out on her favorite Lou Seal statue.

87.jpg Jumping in the bouncy house.

95.jpg Kind of looks like mommy is asking Becca if she just farted.  Doesn’t look like Ella smelled anything.

105.jpg Ella and her Taekwondo instructor Steven right after Ella’s tooth fell out.  Notice the tooth between Ella’s fingers.

1112.jpg Beautiful ELla minus 2 teeth!

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  1. Grandma says:

    So glad Ella’s tooth fell out and wasn’t kicked out at taekwando! Heard the tooth fairy was very generous. Love you. Mom

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