Super busy Saturday…

We woke up and took off running.   First, we went to a kick off rally for Chris Cunnie – the man we hope will be the newt Sheriff of San Francisco.  It was a great event.  After that, we went and got something to eat and then we went to a little music festival.  Ella’s favorite 7th Grade girl band was performing.  We saw Vons De Qua perform and Ella loved every minute of it.  We all did!  After the show, we went over to ACC to make a tile for Bug.  The ACC is having a fundraiser and you could make a tile and donate money.  Ella pretty much made Bug’s whole tile.  After that. Ella had Taekwondo and then I went and got my hair cut and that was about all we could handle.  Today we spent a lot of time outside, went to lunch at Maria’s and went swimming in the outdoor and indoor pools at the gym.  It was sa great weekend to spend with family.

121.jpg211.jpg Ella and Gracie (the younger sister of Tess, one of the band members),

311.jpg411.jpg The crowd begin to form for Vons De Qua.

59.jpg The band!

76.jpg Mommy and Ella working on the tile in memory of Bug.

86.jpg94.jpg104.jpg All done.  It will get glazed and fired in the kiln and it will then be a shiny green tile for the Bug!

1111.jpg Now off to Taekwando!

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  1. Grandma says:

    I love the tile for Bug. Where will it go? Miss you all. Love you. Mom

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