More fun in the morning and ballet class started again!

Grandma – to answer your question, helicopter is a game the kids play where they take a jump rope, spin around while dragging the jump rope on the ground, and the kids jump over the rope as it comes to them.  If the rope hits you, (I think a lot of the kids like to get hit) then you have to be the spinner.  Ella had ballet tonight.  This was her second week.  Ella did a fantastic job.  Here are the pics from today.

119.jpg Ella joking around with her friend Luke this morning.

29.jpg39.jpg Ella, Luke and Emmi having so much fun in the morning.

49.jpg Ella  just loves this bar.

57.jpg Monkey bar madness!

65.jpg75.jpg85.jpg93.jpg103.jpg1110.jpg Our beautiful ballerina.

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a big girl! I think Ella has really grown up since she started kindergarten and lost a tooth. Miss you. Love you. Mom

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