Mornings before school starts

A big part of kindergarten is being able to play on the yard and structure before school starts.  Ella loves this time.  She gets to hang out with friends from kindergarten and first grade.  Ella has been into jumping rope, playing helicopter, the monkey bars and hanging on the bar.  Ella is still loving school.  She seems like she’s having a blast.  Ella also gets to see Ms. Alicia on the yard who she loves like family!  We are so happy that things are going so well for Ella.  Life is beautiful.

118.jpg28.jpg We can remember the time when the only way Ella could get on this bar was for us to lift her!  Can’t believe how tall she is getting.

38.jpg Ella is our little wonder woman!

48.jpg56.jpg Playing helicopter.

64.jpg Jumping rope this morning.  Check out Ella’s new sneakers.

74.jpg84.jpg Hanging on the monkey bars with Brickelle and Emmi.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Thanks for the pictures. So happy that Ella is so happy. What’s helicopter? Love you. Mom

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