Jumping Rope

When we all arrived on the yard this morning, Ella showed us a new skill she’s been working on.  Ella has started to learn to jump rope at school.  The rope that she likes is way too long for her and she refuses to wrap it around her hand, but she’s managing pretty well.  There is a video of Ella jumping rope at the end of this entry.  Ella also showed us how she hula hoops and she is doing great!  I guess Ella has her own way of learning things and she keeps doing it and doing it until she feels confident.  I love the way she learns.

117.jpg27.jpg Jumping rope in the morning.

37.jpg After assembly…waving and smiling at mommy.

47.jpgJumping rope in the afternoon.

55.jpg At Bi-Rite in the afternoon with her friends Tessa and Orly.

63.jpg Lighting the Shabbat candles with Juliet.  Mommy – I am so sorry I cut your head off!  I guess the camera on the phone is not as good as the real thing.

73.jpg Mommy and Stella cutting the challah.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella is amazing! How hard it is to jump with a too-long rope! I wonder where Ella gets her stubbornness and stick-to-it-ness from? Love you. Mom

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