Day 2 of Kindergarten

Ella had a terrific second day of school today.  Once we hit the school yard, she ran into her classroom, dropped off her backpack and sweatshirt, came running back out and started playing.  Mommy picked her up at 4:45 (Ella’s request because she wanted to stay and go to clay club).  Ella has been telling us things about her day in kindergarten.  Every morning, they do “focus study” which is a one minute meditation.  Ella says that she really likes it.  She also told us about something called “appreciation” where they go around the circle and say what they appreciate.  Ella told us that she said she appreciates her friends.  Another thing that she told us about was that her teacher, Ms. Luisa was telling the class that she used to live in NJ and that her family was there and she didn’t get to see them that much.  Ella said, “Ms. Luisa and I have a connection.  When you have a connection with someone, you do this hand sign”.  I asked Ella what the connection was.  She said, “I used to live in NJ too!”  I asked her when she lived there and she said, “When I was in your tummy”.  I told her that she actually lived in my tummy in SF but that she did have a connection with Luisa – that they both had family who lived in NJ.  Ella said that one of her other classmates also had the same connection.  This all sounds so wonderful.  Ella also told us yesterday that she had art (in the actual art room) and their assignment was to draw or paint something about them that was unique.  Ella told us that she drew a picture of Ella loosing a tooth and that’s what made her unique.  Great stuff!

115.jpg Hugs in the hallway from Stella and Juliet before school this morning!

25.jpg KJ started his first day of preschool today!  He’s going twice a week and Helen reported that he had a great day today!

35.jpg Ella and Emmi on the bar this morning.

45.jpg Lining up to go inside.  This is Ella’s teacher Ms. Luisa.

54.jpg One last shot before I leave the yard.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Looks fantastic! I love being part of Ella’s connection to Miss Luisa. Love you. mom

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