I can’t believe how many beautiful days have gone by!

Time is flying.  This means that we are having an incredible time and it also means that there are only a few days left.  This is sad.  It’s been such a wonderful trip.  It’s been amazing being with our family and friends.  On Monday, we went into NY to meet up with Brickelle and her family.  We spent a lot of time in Central Park at Victorian Gardens.  It’s a small amusement park and the kids had a blast.  On Tuesday, we went to Van Saun Park with grandma, AJ and Milo.  It’s such a wonder to watch kids see animals. it’s so innocent, so exciting.  It was also really hot!  The kids were great.  Ella rode 2 ponies and Milo & Ella checked out so many different animals.  It was mommy’s last night here so we had a delicious dinner at the River Palm.  It was so great having mommy here.  We have pretty much spent the rest of our days at the pool.  Ella is becoming so amazing at the diving board and slide. Ella even dove off the diving board at the Leonia Pool!  Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend and Ella will be able to hit some golf balls with papa. 130.jpg220.jpg318.jpg418.jpg517.jpg611.jpg79.jpg810.jpgFun was had by all at the Victorian Gardens.  The only ride that the kids were a little bit scared on was that giant slide.  We were also a little bit scared watching them try to work through their fear.  There was the kindest woman who was running the ride and she took Brooklyn on her lap and had the girls hold her hands.98.jpg107.jpg Fun in Central Park.139.jpg Milo watering AJ at the Leonia pool.1210.jpg Strike a pose!  147.jpg155.jpg164.jpg Ella riding the ponies at Van Saun Park.  Mommy made sure that she was close by because Ella was thrown from a horse at Van Saun Park a few years ago.  The first horse here was acting a little strange so they switched horses for the 3rd and 4th laps.  Ella had a great time.175.jpg Grandma and her beautiful grandchildren waiting for the train.185.jpg AJ and Milo with his water soaked head.195.jpg Cousins in love.205.jpg2110.jpg Exploring the park.223.jpg We love you mommy!231.jpg Ella chillin at the pool.241.jpg Check out Ella’s park outfit.  I especially love the socks.251.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma before our dinner at Dante’s.  Love you guys!

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    Love it! Love you. Mom

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