More swimming milestones and family fun

This morning, mommy, Ella and I went into Brooklyn to spend some time with our friend Tina.  We hung out, had a great brunch and had a great time.  Right as we were leaving, Ella got a very special treat.  Ella and Tina took Tina’s cat Moses for a walk! After our brunch we went back to NJ where we were greeted by Milo, AJ, uncle Michael and grandma. We all went to the Leonia pool where Ella achieved another milestone. Ella passed the deep water test and she went down the slide and went off the diving board.  The Leonia pool is 12 feet deep in the diving/sliding well.  Ella was very nervous about taking the test.  I decided to take her into the lane that went all the way to the 12 foot area just so she could get used to it.  While we were swimming, Barbara, the woman who runs the pool yelled for me. Barbara was my gym teacher from 5 – 8 grade and she now runs the rec and pool for the town.  She was a great teacher and she loved having me for a student.  She was watching Ella swim and she said, “Lauren, she passed the deep water test!  Get her a bracelet and let her go down the slide!”  Ella took the slide and diving board like a pro.  We were all there to witness this except papa.  Papa has been on a golf trip with his good friends since Wednesday.  He came home while we were at the pool and Ella was so proud to tell him about it.  We celebrated today by the whole family going out to Kiku.  We had a great hibachi dinner.  The kids loved watching the chef create our dinner.  It was a great day and a great night.128.jpg Ella, Tina and Moses walking the streets of Park Slope.219.jpg Ella and her deep water bracelet.317.jpg Approaching the end of the diving board.417.jpg Swimming to the ladder in 12 feet of water!516.jpg610.jpg The beautiful Leonhart family.78.jpg89.jpg97.jpg106.jpgElla had so much fun jumping off the diving board!  She would run from one end to the other and leap!1112.jpg129.jpg Sunny took these great shots of me diving off the diving board.  I have been going off this board since I was about 8 years old!138.jpg Complete love and happiness.146.jpg154.jpg The kids were mesmerized by the chef.184.jpg The adults were pretty mesmerized too!174.jpg194.jpgMilo was in great spirits at the end of the night even though it was way past his bedtime!204.jpg Ella did some serious firefly catching with mommy tonight. 

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