What do you do when it’s between 95º and 100º? Go swimming!

Since we arrived, we have gone swimming in 4 different pools and 2 water playgrounds.  It has been really hot here and I love it.  It feels like a real summer.  Mommy arrived on Thursday night and we are all so happy that she is here!  Today it got up to 106º and we spent the day at papa’s pool and tonight we went over to Cheryl’s parent’s pool.  Cheryl is one of my oldest friends and I grew up at her parent’s pool.  Tonight, we hung out there with some other special childhood friends and all of our kids.  It was a great night.  Ella had so much fun.  On Thursday, we spent a good part of the day with Doris and her grandchildren.  Doris is one of my parent’s childhood friends.  Ella had a great time with her grandchildren too!  Ella has started to dive off the side of the pool.  She has never done this before and she’s becoming a natural.  Ella has taken her swimming to a new level this summer.  She is so comfortable in the pool.  We are having such a great time here.  Tomorrow we are going to see the Gazillion bubble show.  Should be very exciting.126.jpg218.jpg Ella and Doris’ grandchildren Hudson, Stella and Gibson.316.jpg Ella and Milo love each other so much!416.jpg Grandma and Ella were doing some beautiful swimming together the other day.  Guess I shouldn’t have them pose for pictures with the sun glaring in their eyes.515.jpg Our under water beauty.69.jpgWe love you mommy…so happy you’re here.77.jpg Grandma and Milo – great swimming partners.88.jpg I am the coach of this swim team.96.jpg Milo is so much fun to swim with.105.jpg Two beauties.11a.jpg Chatting away in the kiddie pool.1111.jpg Ella doing a jack knife off the diving board.127.jpg Ella and Cheryl’s daughter Emma.  Emma was so sweet with Ella – just like a little mommy.137.jpg The whole gang -James, Ella, Ava, Sophia and Emma.145.jpg Ella and the twins.  They had so much fun together. 

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  1. Sunny/Mommy says:

    I am so happy to be here with you-words can’t capture this-But my beautiful Lauren, you capture it and have been capturing the beauty and goodness of it all on this blog–thank you and I love you so much-

    -Ella your swimming accomplishments are amazing— I am so amazed how much you’ve learned and how happy you are about living life learning–you are so beautiful in so many ways (you are so kind and sweet and tough and fun and willing to try new things and to name just a few) and I love you so much–you are also such a wonderful cousin to Milo–it’s so wonderful to watch you together–
    Thank you Grandma and Papa for all you do for us all–

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