A big surprise for Ella

We had a long hot busy beautiful day on Tuesday.  First, we went into NY to meet Milo and AJ and Milo’s Music Together class.  Once again, Ella had a lot of fun doing music and chasing Milo around the room.  Twyla was fascinated by Ella during class.  It was really sweet.  After class, I took Ella to the Highline for her surprise.  Another one of Ella’s friends from San Francisco is in NY.  Ella had no idea that Emmi and her family were in town and Emmi’s mom and I surprised the girls.  Ella and Emmi were so happy to see each other.  They embraced and smiled and posed for pictures.  Emmi’s big sister Sadie was in on the secret.  We had lunch under the Highline and then walked the Highline for about 7 blocks.  We ended up at a park in Chelsea that had lots of water coming out of the ground and walls and the girls played in the hot sun for about 2 hours! After the park, Ella and I went back to meet AJ and Milo and then we went to Washington Square Park.  Ella played and played all day and then we had a great dinner together.  What a fun filled day.  Mommy comes tomorrow and we can’t wait to have fun adventures with you!  We love you and miss you.120.jpg217.jpg315.jpg Fun at Music Together!415.jpg Ella and Milo are great at driving things together.514.jpg I think this was right after a somersault.68.jpg76.jpg Sadie, Ella and Emmi after the big surprise.87.jpg Holding hands walking down the Highline.95.jpg104.jpg1110.jpgSwinging away at Washington Square Park.125.jpgA little overheated and very beautiful.136.jpg Milo was very busy shoveling sand onto the slide.  

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    Beautiful pictures. Love you. Mom

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