Special times with Milo

Ella and Milo are quite a duo.  Ella is so patient with Milo and Milo watches every move Ella makes.  They have been having so much fun together and it’s been so great to hang out with them and join the fun.  So far we have been to the Leonia Pool and to papa’s golf club although I didn’t get any pictures from papa’s club.  Here are some shots from the past 2 days of Ella and Milo.1a1.jpg Cousins!116.jpg Playuing together at the Leonia pool.215.jpg Making fish faces at Dante’s.313.jpg Hanging out with Dante himself!413.jpg66.jpg Love all around!74.jpg Crazy cousins!85.jpgOne firefly for each hand.  92.jpg102.jpg117.jpg Ella and AJ hunting for fireflies.123.jpg Early morning fingerpainting.133.jpg Beautiful Normyn…she’s really been through it this year.  She was attacked by a dog, had a cancerous tumor removed and was recently stung by a bee.  She’s all better now.143.jpg Sweeping water on the terrace.163.jpg Milo was eating the bubbles that Ella was shooting at him.173.jpg183.jpg Ella has officially aced the monkey bars at Fireman’s Park.193.jpgGrandma and Milo taking a stroll through the park.  203.jpg Papa is the best swing pusher in the world.  Milo kept screaming, “Weeeeeeeeeeee!”222.jpg Two beautiful firefighters driving to put out a 4 alarm fire!    

2 Responses to “Special times with Milo”

  1. Grandma says:

    The cousins’ bonding brings me such joy! I love having you all together. Love you. Mom

  2. Mommy/Sunny says:

    Wow are these photos adorable and so comforting! Look at these cousins- what a lovefest of fun and what looks like ella being the big sister-cousin!

    Are you sure you don’t want another kid?!

    I love you

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