Our East Coast vacation has begun!

We arrived on Monday at around 6:30, went out to dinner and then back to grandma and papa’s house.  We got back to the house at prime firefly catching time…around 8:30.  Ella was not only so happy to be here, but she was really excited to see fireflies.  Today, we went into NY, met AJ and Milo at Milo’s Music Together class and also got to see Twyla, Jordin and Kevin.  Ella was so excited to see Milo and AJ.  We can’t wait for them to sleep over at grandma and papa’s house.  We went out to lunch at PQ and got to see Iya.  After lunch, Ella read Green Eggs and Ham to Milo and then he took a little nap.  Grandma, AJ and Milo rested and Ella and I went to Washington Square Park to meet Brickelle, Akilah, Brooke and Brooklyn who are spending the month of July in NY.  It was so much fun to see our SF peeps in NYC!  Ella and Brickelle ran off and played in the water and at the park.  After the park, we came back to NJ and had Chinese food with grandma and papa.  Once again, Ella ran around chasing fireflies tonight.  It’s so great to be here.  We miss mommy a lot but we have been doing facetime with her and it’s been terrific.  We love you and miss you Sunny/mommy.113.jpg212.jpgCatching fireflies our first night here.  Ella has become an amazing firefly catcher.  Here, she’s teaching grandma her special technique.311.jpg Here’s Milo entertaining all of us at Music Together.412.jpgTwyla and Jordin in class today.  We hear that rhythm eggs are Twyla’s favorite instrument.512.jpg Sweet Twyla.  She celebrated her 1st birthday on July 4.  Happy Birthday Twyla.65.jpg Jordin dipping Ella.84.jpg Milo, the ultimate charmer.  Milo is turning 2 today!  (July 13).  Happy Birthday beautiful Milo!91.jpg Ella doing some hard core drumming on her little red drum.101.jpg I love this picture of Ella and grandma.114.jpg I took this picture of Kevin while Twyla and I were looking through the camera viewer.  I’d say that this great shot was taken through Twyla’s eyes.122.jpg132.jpg  Back out on the hot streets of New York City!142.jpg152.jpg Milo and Ella love each other so much.162.jpg It was wonderful to see Normyn on the mend.172.jpgMilo, Ella Brickelle and AJ in Washington Square Park.182.jpg Brickelle sliding down the fire pole as Ella waits her turn.192.jpg A very hot Milo on top of the little slide.202.jpg Ella and Brickelle were so happy to see each other and hang out.213.jpg Beautiful Brooklyn had so much fun at the park too!  He was so sweet.  He walked up to me and said, “Lauren, I like NY.”221.jpg Catching fireflies tonight.  That’s a firefly on Ella’s sleeve.  I had her change into a long sleeve shirt and leggings to reduce the chance of getting mosquito bites. 

2 Responses to “Our East Coast vacation has begun!”

  1. Grandma says:

    I love having you guys in New Jersey. Seems like we ordered the 95 degree weather and the fireflies for you. Funny how I don’t appreciate either when you’re not here. Love you. Mom

  2. Sunny/Mommy says:

    You are all gorgeous and adorable–so happy seeing you all together and the warm weather–(it’s 51 degrees here and foooogy!)

    —can’t wait to be with you next week! I love you all!

    Lauren–your blogs continue to blow me away–I love you sanely!

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