Beautiful Sunday at the Giants game

Today was another beautiful day…a little cooler than yesterday, but still sunny and great.  It was Buster Posey bobble head day at the ballpark.  Mommy and Ella went out for lunch at Maria’s and then I met them over by the ballpark.  We waited on line a little bit for our bobble heads and then I brought them home.  Mommy and Ella stayed at the ballpark and Ella went down the Coke slide and hit some balls in the little ballpark.  It was a great game tonight and the Giants won.  Ella and I are headed to NJ tomorrow for 3 weeks.  Mommy is joining us in about 10 days.  We love you mommy – we’ll miss you and can’t wait to see you in NJ.  Grandma and papa – Ella is so excited to be in NJ.  She is telling everyone who will listen about our trip!img_0580.jpg This is from Saturday before Ella’s class.  She was very serious about practicing her kicks.73.jpg Waiting on line for the bobble head.83.jpg The best place to wait on line…on mommy’s back!112.jpg211.jpg310.jpg Family love at the ballgame.411.jpg511.jpgElla ran the bases tonight.  She usually does it with an adult who “borrows” Ella because you need to be with a kid in order to run the bases, but tonight Ella did it all by herself.  Ella flew around the bases.Here is a video of Ella and her latest musical endeavor.  Ella has been drumming her little heart out.  She’s really good!

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  1. Grandma says:

    You’re here and I’m soooo happy. Love you. Mom

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