Last Leaping Lizard assembly and a ballgame with grandma and papa

School is almost out for the summer and that means something monumental for Ella.  Tuesday will be Ella’s last day as a preschooler.  It is very exciting and very emotional for us.  Friday was the Leaping Lizard’s last assembly.  It’s amazing how far Ella has come.  Ella spent the first 4 months at school crying at assembly including crying through the first Leaping Lizard assembly. Watch the video below and see how confident Ella is now.  Ms. Alicia is the greatest!  We feel so lucky that she was/is such an important part of Ella’s life.  Grandma and papa were supposed to fly in on Thursday night at around 9:00 but their flight was delayed by 8 hours!  They finally made it here at 4:00 am.  Ella finally fell asleep on Thursday night but woke up super early to go snuggle with grandma and papa.  We all love having you guys here.  We picked up Ella early from school on Friday and at Ella’s request, went to Nordstrom for lunch.  After lunch, we all relaxed so that we would have enough energy for the ballgame at night.  The 5 of us went to the game and had a great time.  The Giants won a very tight game in the 9th inning and then watched a beautiful fireworks show.  We got home at around 11:30 which was way too late for all of us but the night was so worth it!  Today, papa had to go to meetings, mommy did her volunteering to collect baseball gloves for the Junior Giants, and grandma, Ella and I hung around the house.  Ella has a little cold and we want her to get some good rest.  We went out for lunch with some cousins who were in town and Abigail joined us.  It was a really nice lunch.  Ella hung out and watched movies with grandma and papa for the rest of the afternoon.  Tonight, grandma and papa went out to a dinner with some doctors and the 3 of us hung out at home and relaxed.  We all need rest this weekend.  Grandma and papa’s trip was super short but it was so wonderful to see them.  We love you guys!19.jpg Ella and Ms. Alicia on Friday before the assembly.  We love you Ms. Alicia!23.jpg Hi Ella!32.jpg The assembly is about to start.43.jpg Ella and most of the LEaping Lizards.53.jpg Drumroll please…63.jpg Our beautiful happy girl.73.jpg After our lunch at Nordstrom.83.jpg Walking down the famous hallway with papa.92.jpg Heading into the game.102.jpg Pure happiness and love all the way around.10a.jpg All bundeled and ready to win a ballgame!11a.jpg 7th inning stretch.  Take me out to the ballgame.113.jpg Beautiful women.122.jpg A very happy Ella chillin on mommy watching the fireworks.Now for the assembly video.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We’re so happy to be here. Just sorry it was such a short visit. Love you. Mom

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