A pretty funny story

Tonight, we were finishing up dinner and Ella went over to sit on Sunny’s lap.  While on Sunny’s lap, Ella noticed that Sunny put eyelashes on a drawing that Ella did of a manatee.   Ella was not very happy about it at all.  “Why did you do that mommy?  You drew on my picture without asking!”  “I’m really sorry Ella.   I thought the eyelashes looked nice on your manatee” responded mommy.  Ella started breathing heavy and getting all bent out of shape.  She crossed out her manatee with eyelashes, turned the page in her notebook and began to draw another manatee.  She was pissed.  Then she started writing something with a lot of emotion.  She was sounding things out like crazy.  Here it is…18.jpg Here is the translation.  The first part is the part on the right…”Ella – Bad mommy.  Can you say sorry two times?”  She then held it up to mommy and she said, “OK Ella – I already said I was sorry but I will say it again.  I’m sorry, I apologize, I’m sorry.”  Then Ella wrote on the other side…”Good.  I accept your apology.  Thank you.  You’re welcome.”

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful lesson in dealing with anger and frustration and forgiveness. Love you. Mom

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