Ella’s ballet recital

We had a very full long great day today.  This morning, we met Debby, Toby and Rachel for brunch.  We had a great time, but Ella had one thing on her mind…her ballet recital.  Every once in a while, she would look at us and ask, “Are we going to be late?”  We reassured her that we had about 4 hours to get to the recital, but she was so excited!  We got to the Disney Family Museum where the recital was, about 45 minutes early.  Ella was so happy to be there.  Helen, Stella and Juliet joined us there to watch Ella.  Ella’s regular ballet teacher was out of town and another teacher was leading the kids in their dance.  They didn’t have a dress rehearsal and only rehearsed their dance at the ballet studio.  You’ll notice on the video that the kids basically did the majority of their dance to a wall rather than to the audience.  When they rehearsed at the studio, the teacher had them do this part to a wall that she called the audience.  Guess the kids took her literally.  You’ll also see Ella in the video trying to help the other kids figure out what to do…she loves pointing that finger!  After the recital, we went over to a Giants Community Fund event where Ella got a World Series poster signed by Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson, our closing pitcher.17.jpg Our little ballerina outside of the museum.22.jpg One last pose before the tiara goes on.31.jpg42.jpg Mommy the expert tiara securer!52.jpg The costume is complete!62.jpg Getting a feel for the stage.72.jpg82.jpg Ella, your moms love you so much!91.jpg Practicing her swan.101.jpg112.jpg Ella with two of her buddies from ballet class.121.jpg Watching a professional dancer do a dance from Swan Lake before they went on stage.131.jpg141.jpg151.jpg Shots taken during Ella’s performance.161.jpg Brian Wilson signing Ella’s poster.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Couldn’t be more adorable. You explanation of rehearsing pretending the wall was the audience makes perfect sense. Can’t wait to see you all. Love you. Mom

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