Ella got her yellow belt on Saturday!

Ella tested for her 3rd belt today and did a great job,  Here are a few pictures from today.  I actually couldn’t finish the blog last night so here it is…another entry to follow about Ella’s ballet recital.11.jpg Ella on  her way to the gym.21.jpg Nice Axe kick!41.jpg Meditating at the end of class.51.jpg61.jpg71.jpg81.jpgElla getting her yellow belt and one of her classmates helping her put it on..9.jpg The class with their new belts!10.jpg111.jpg12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg Earlier in the day, mommy worked really hard with Ella to teach her how to tie her belt in the special way that they need to tie it.  Ella did a great job learning from mommy and mommy did a great job teaching Ella.  Ella did it perfectly.  Then she said to me, “Mama, if mommy isn’t home on a Saturday when I have TaeKwonDo, you don’t need to tie my belt, I can do it all by myself.”16.jpg Ella and her instructor Steven.

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