Kissing Kids

Well… here’s an e-mail that Sunny, four other parents and I got today from Alicia:Hello:I caught your kids this morning daring each other to go up to certain kids and kiss them on the lips. I talked to all 3 of them & reminded them that we had already had this conversation about not kissing each other as well as other children. Please talk to them reinforcing our rules at school of no kissing and touching each others bodies. Thank you!It turns out that 2 of Ella’s friends (one boy and one girl) were daring her to go kiss this other boy on the lips.  She was going to do it, ended up not doing it, and it’s a good thing that it didn’t happen.  Ya never know how the other kid would have reacted.  Funny things that preschoolers do.  The other night we had to talk to Ella about not licking people (like us!).  Just another crazy stage she’s going through.After school, we came home, Stella and Juliet came over to play and have their piano lessons and then we all went out to dinner.  It was a fun night – Ella was a little sensitive but she was fine. Mom, to answer your question – Ella is not too old to believe in the tooth fairy.  Who knows when it’s going to come out, but this morning, Sunny and Ella were discussing where she may be when her tooth comes out.  Sunny suggested that Ella may be in NJ for the big event.  Ella thought that was great because there is a tooth fairy pillow in NJ!135.jpg Waiting in the hallway for Juliet.218.jpg Nicely, quietly eating…316.jpg See food!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Kissing and licking are interesting. Daring each other to do forbidden acts is something to contend with for the next 20 years. Good luck! Love you. Mom

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