A wiggly tooth

This morning, when Ella was eating breakfast, she realized that one of her bottom teeth was wiggly.  Ella was so excited.  She was walking around with a huge smile on her face today…like she had this secret that made her so proud.  It wasn’t much of a secret though – of course Ella told anyone who would listen and probably a few who wouldn’t listen!  Ella has been reading up a storm. It’s gotten to the point where I caught her reading a text over my shoulder! Have to watch not only what we say but what we write!  It’s really exciting.  I told her that reading was like having magical super powers…now a whole new world is ready for her to explore.134.jpg The loose tooth is the one surrounded by glitter.217.jpg Ella has been going wild on her dry erase board.   The HM on the very top wood part of course is for Hannah Montana.

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  1. Grandma says:

    How exciting! Does the loose toothed reader still believe in the Tooth Fairy? Maybe she or he lives in New Jersey? Let me know. Love you. Mom

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