The week has flown by!

I can’t believe the week is over already.  It has been wonderful being able to see our family and friends.  Today we hung out with Jordin, Kevin and Twyla.  Twyla is a beautiful, cute, sweet baby.   We had a great time hanging out.  This afternoon, Ella spent some more beautiful time with grandma and papa and then their friend Wendy came over.  Grandma, Ella and Wendy played Zingo and the Ladybug game.  Ella kicked their butts in both of the games.  We ate dinner at home and then after dinner, Ella, Mommy and Wendy played Go Fish.  Ms. Ella won again!!  We are going home in the morning. Thank you grandma and papa for another fantastic week.  Love you guys!119.jpg Sweet Twyla copping a lean.216.jpg Ella in a tender moment with Twyla.   312.jpg Twyla and her daddy. 410.jpg Both girls being wonderful about letting me take another picture.   511.jpg Twyla and her mommy.69.jpg Ella has been going wild with the camera lately which is a beautiful thing for her creativity.  It is also a bit annoying when I have 40 shots to download of carpets and toys and Ella’s fingers.  This one is a pretty cool one though.  This is a shot of KK’s bling. 76.jpg Not sure how Kevin could take it with all these women in the house today!86.jpg Mommy and Ella trying to catch the raindrops.94.jpg Beautiful Ella.104.jpg Grandma, Ella and Wendy playing Zingo. 1110.jpg Taking a break from gaming to take a beautiful picture.125.jpg Go Fish! 135.jpg Our sweet card shark.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella is so much fun to be with. I’ve been on a play date all week. And I love having Mama and Mommy here; wish you could stay forever. Love you. Mom

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