April trip continued…

On Thursday, mommy, Ella, grandma and I went into NY to meet KK for lunch at Isabella’s. We were planning on going to the Museum of Natural History to see a new dinosaur exhibit after lunch, but Ella was more interested in going to a little park across the street.  Ella played at 2 parks and then we went to Harry’s shoes where Ella got some new shoes.  On Thursday night, Sunny and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in NY with AJ and Michael and our friends Priscilla and Chris.  We had a great night out.  Grandma, papa and Ella also had their own great night out.  They went to see Rio!  They all reported that the movie was great.  I can’t wait to see it when we get back to SF.  Ella had a fantastic night with grandma and papa.  Today, we went to Monsey NY to visit mommy’s brother, Uncle Jerry and see 2 out of his 4 kids (who are beautiful young adults).  We spent a really sweet afternoon with Aliza and Elisheva, Jerry, Barbara and Elisheva’s 2 kids Uri and Simmon.  Ella had a lot of fun meeting and re-meeting her cousins, uncle and aunt.  After we visited for a while, we went to a little carnival in Monsey.  It was one of those roadside yucky carnivals with dangerous rides, but Ella really liked it.  She went on a mini rollercoaster for the first time by herself and did a few other things.  We were definitely the only 2 mom family there.  We came home and AJ and Milo were here.  Milo was taking a nap and Ella was really looking forward to him waking up.  As soon as Ella heard a peep in his room, she ran upstairs with AJ and greeted Milo.  Grandma’s friend Adrianne came over with her grandson Zach and all the kids played.  Ella and Milo took a bath together after dinner (not posting any pics) and now we are having Friday night movie night, watching Tangled.  It has been wonderful being here.  Tomorrow we are going to NY to see Jordin, Kevin and Twyla.117.jpg I forgot to mention, on Thursday morning, grandma’s friend Doris came over with her grandchildren.  Ella had a lot of fun playing with Stella, Gibson and Hudson.214.jpg311.jpg Playing in the park after lunch. 510.jpg This is what happens when you give Ella the camera to play with. 68.jpg Milo playing with his little train set on Thursday night while we were waiting for Iya to get there. 75.jpg Happy Anniversary beautiful Sunny.  I love you.85.jpg It was also Michael’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Michael!  It was great to hang out. 93.jpg Priscilla and Chris – thanks for sharing a special night with us.103.jpg The 3 of us getting ready to head to Monsey to see our Schwartz family.118.jpg The beautiful Schwartz women plus 2 sweet boys.124.jpg Thanks for taking this picture Uncle Jerry!   134.jpg Mommy and Uncle Jerry – little sis and big bro.143.jpg Here we are at the carnival.152.jpg Ella getting ready to ride on the rollercoaster. 162.jpg Riding on a motorcycle thing. 172.jpg AJ and Ella…sweet love. 182.jpg Papa and Ella having some fun with Milo. 215.jpg Grandma reading to Zach. 221.jpg Pure love and joy.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone. It’s been paradise. Love you. Mom

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