Passover 2011

We arrived in NJ late on Sunday night – it was actually Monday morning.  Our original flight was cancelled so at 4:00 on Sunday morning, we had to book a new flight on a different airline for later in the day.  Ella was absolutely fantastic the whole day and night. Ella was so excited to get here.  She ran off the plane into grandma and papa’s arms.  On Monday, we took it easy… we went to the park and then had a sedar at night.  It was a small and really sweet sedar.  Ella was also so excited to spend time with Milo.  She is so great with him…super patient and so full of love.  On Tuesday morning, Ella went into NY with grandma, AJ, Milo and Michael.  Ella went to Milo’s music class with grandma and AJ.  Ella told us that she had a great time and the adults reported that it was really sweet.  Sunny and I stayed here and relaxed.  On Tuesday night we had a much larger sedar with a lot more kids.  Ella had a blast.  She had so much fun with her cousins.  Today, Sunny and I went and had massages and Ella went to get her nails done with grandma.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Hungry Hippo and hanging out.  Tonight, Sunny and I went to NY and had dinner with Nikki B.  Ella, grandma and papa had a special night together here.  Tomorrow night we are going out with friends again and Ella gets to get see Rio with grandma and papa.  It has been so wonderful being here.  We love being with the family.115.jpg212.jpg Ella showing papa some of her tricks on the monkey bars.310.jpg Ella has mastered the monkey bars at Fireman’s Park.  49.jpg Ella is getting super strong.59.jpg67.jpg Placing flowers in the Vicky Ann sculpture.74.jpg Ella was telling grandma all aboug the movie Hop.84.jpg Grandma, Ella papa love before the sedar.  92.jpg Mommy looking on as Ella studies the Haggadah. 102.jpg Cousins!116.jpg123.jpg 133.jpgFun at Music Together with AJ, Milo and grandma.  Thanks for taking pictures grandma!142.jpg Ella has been really helpful.  Here she is beginning to set the kids table. 151.jpg I was drawing some pictures for Ella and Milo.  They look so serious because they were trying to figure out what I was drawing. 171.jpg Ella loves playing on the baby grand.191.jpgAJ and Milo enjoying their soup. 181.jpg Cousin Cliff with his sweet sons Jack and Sam.20.jpg213.jpg Ella had a blast with cousins Bronwen and Georgia.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re here. Love you. Mom

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