H&M has some really cute stuff

Today I was doing some last minute shopping – went to the mall to get Ella some socks, Sunny gloves and me a hat and I ended up at H&M in the kid’s section and they had the most adorable ballet stuff. I picked up some pink tights, a tutu and a leotard for Ella. I also got 3 of these really cute white leotards for Ella, Stella and Juliet.   I put Ella in her ballet outfit which she was just crazy about. Then Mommy came home and Ella danced the night away. She ate in her ballet outfit and finally let us take it off when it was time for a bath. Here are some ballet pictures and a video.action.jpgPretty cool action shot. I caught Ella mid-spinballerinazoe.jpgElla, Towby and ballerina Zoezoekiss.jpgA kiss for ballerina Zoestackingbells.jpgHere is Ella trying to stack bells that are not intended to stack. She’s doing a pretty great job.mamaella.jpgHere we are at the end of the evening. Ella climbed up on me and gave me a great big hug. She started to pat my arm which was so sweet and I patted her back. This made her giggle.BALLET MOVIE

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