Ella’s first game of the season and a great piano lesson

The three of us went to the game today with our friend Mary.  It was pretty cold out and although we have amazing seats, we were in the shade and cold!  The Giants lost but that’s ok.  We need to lose games in order to win more.  Ella had a lot of fun.  We bumped into one of her soccer teammates and they sat together.  After the game, we came back here and I gave Ella a piano lesson.  She has finished her first piece with both hands.  She kind of amazes me with her focus and concentration.  We’ll see where it all goes.  After dinner, Stella, Juilet, KJ and Helen came by to say hi.  The girls all played well together…no need for the talking stick.19.jpgThe cutest Giants fan in the world.28.jpg Mother and daughter walking to the ballgame.36.jpg I have no idea why Ella is giving me the finger.46.jpg Family love at a baseball game.56.jpg Nothing like the warmth of a Giants blanket.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fantastic, is right! I wish I had a movie of you playing the piano when you first started. You were just as intuitive; a little older, I think. Beautiful pictures of the three Schwartz girls at the game. Love you. Mom

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