Rainy Sunday

The rain is back. It rained on and off today. We spent time in the house getting ready for our trip on Wednesday. We’re going to NY to see AJ at Joe’s Pub – it’s her official album release. We can’t wait to go back east and hang out with everyone. Ella played around the house a lot. We got her a huge Dora tent yesterday at Target and she loves it. She really loves it when the dogs come in there with her. I’ll get pictures this week. Ella also painted and splashed in puddles outside in the Zen garden. Here are a few pictures from today.

I came downstairs to find Mommy and Ella painting. I asked Ella what she was painting and she told me that it was a brown bra.

Here is Ella with her rain boots on ready to go out into the garden to dance in puddles

Ella and Bug sharing a loving moment

That’s what I call a good splash!

Great splash that made the bottom of Ella’s pants a little wet – time to go inside.

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