San Diego

We were in San Diego for the weekend to go see grandma and papa who were there for an ophthalmology conference.  Uncle Jesse and aunt Heather also drove up on Friday and stayed until Saturday.  We had a great time – it was wonderful to get to spend time with the family and to get away from the San Francisco rain.  I came down with some kind of sinus/fever thing and had to miss dinner on Friday night, but other than that, I was able to do everything else.  On Friday, we took Ella to the New Children’s Museum where she had a lot of fun and on Saturday we went to Sea World with Jesse, Heather and grandma.  We only were able to see papa at night since he was busy at meetings but Ella slept over in grandma and papa’s room on Friday and Saturday so she got some great quality time with them.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our great weekend.  Love you guys!  It was great seeing you.118.jpg Ella showing grandma and her friends Vicky and Nancy how to play Cut the Rope on the iPad.212.jpg Two flamingos out on a walk.313.jpg Heading to the museum.413.jpgElla is so sweet  – she tolerates my requests for pictures.512.jpg68.jpg78.jpg Riding around on the chariots at the children’s museum.88.jpg96.jpg Ella has had a lot of energy for physical activity lately.  At the museum she was able to do a little wall climbing and some rope climbing/swinging.104.jpg OUr wonder woman.119.jpg At Sea World.  I think I had a fever.124.jpg Ella is a terrific map reader.133.jpg143.jpg Ella got in a great hug before posing with the Sea World otter.152.jpg Jesse and Heather getting some work done while waiting for grandma and Ella to go on the tea cups.162.jpg16a.jpgI love this oil painting feature on the new camera!172.jpg181.jpg191.jpg Ella was so excited to go on some rides with grandma.  She was so excited for the tea cups.  Stand by for the tea cup movie in the next few days.213.jpg I think Burt and Ernie are just like us!  What makes a family?  LOVE makes a family.221.jpg231.jpg This walrus was so tuned into Ella.  It was really intense.241.jpg Right before Heather and Jesse hit to road back to LA.  Ella loves these guys a lot.251.jpg Another love affair.  This is at the Shamu show.261.jpg271.jpg281.jpg The 3 of us had a lot of fun climbing on this thing.291.jpg Mommy was very brave and went on the oscar the grouch eel ride with Ella.30.jpg This picture is from Saturday night at dinner.  It’s the only picture that I have of Ella and papa!  I missed Friday night’s dinner.314.jpg Here we are with our pedi-cab driver.  Ella was exhausted on Saturday night.321.jpg Our little traveler.331.jpg ANother incredible grocery list.  Translation:  Pomelo, American Cheese, cucumber, Izze, chocolate chips, apples.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great pictures! We had a wonderful time with you all. Miss you terribly. Love you. Mom

  2. AJ says:

    I missed being with you guys – can’t wait until Passover! Love you. AJ

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