Back to our regular schedule

Ella got right back into her routine this morning.  She seemed very excited to be at school, loved the Tree Frog Treks class…she met a giant tortoise and fed it some strawberries, and then had a super sweet ballet class.  I have pictures from ballet and a video from this weekend.  The video is of Ella swimming and playing in the water and the last part is of the lady making Ella’s silhouette.  It’s pretty funny.  At first she’s fine and then you can see Ella being totally uninterested in the whole thing!  OK – I’m tired.311.jpg411.jpg510.jpg67.jpg77.jpg87.jpg 95.jpgI love this one so much.  I have a feature on my new camera that does this.Now for the video…

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great swimming! I wish it were going to be warmer in San Diego. beautiful ballet poses; a very serious Ella. Love you. Mom

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