Bowling and Taekwondo

Ella and Sunny spent the day together while I was busy taking some tests to try to get into grad school.  In the morning, Sunny and Ella met up with Becca, Ruthann, Jayden and Jayden’s grandparents for a bowling party to celebrate Jayden’s 4th birthday.  Ella and Sunny told me that they both had a great time bowling, had lunch at Mo’s and then played hard at Yerba Buena park. After the park, Sunny and Ella headed over to our gym for Ella’s Taekwondo class.  From the pictures and reports, it looked like Ella did an amazing job in class.  Sunny and I went out with 2 other moms from Ella’s school.  Today was a beautiful day for Sunny and Ella.  I am really happy that my exams are finished.  Tomorrow we are going over to have a jam session with another CDS family.  Love playing music with other people.114.jpg29.jpg Ella is getting more comfortable with bowling.  We just found out that there is going to be a bowling alley built right across the street from our house!  Can’t wait to get team bowling shirts.38.jpg48.jpg56.jpg75.jpg Ella  in action at Taekwondo.  Here kicks look incredible!85.jpg Our sweet and peaceful little meditator.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Congratulations on completing your tests! GRE’s? Ella’s kicks are amazing! And a bowling alley where Borders used to be? Can’t wait! We’ll have to invest in bowling shoes. Love you. Mom

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