What a big and full Friday

It’s super late so my words will be few.  This morning, Ella and I went on a bike ride along the water – we were looking for tsunamis. Thank goodness, we didn’t find any.  We had a lot of fun being outside.  We met mommy back at the house and then we all headed over to the ballpark in Noe Valley.  Ella had her first T Ball practice of the year today.  There was a small turnout but it was perfect to get to know some kids who we didn’t know.  Ella had a blast and also mastered the monkey bars before practice.  Tonight we met the Kim/Arena clan at Los Jarritos to celebrate Ron’s birthday.  Everyone had a great time.  Julie, Justin and Kate also joined us.  After dinner, everyone came back here where Helen and I watched Monster Inc with the kids and Sunny, Kate and Ron stayed downstairs and had adult conversations.  It was a wonderful night.1a1.jpg On our ride this morning looking for tsunamis.110.jpg28.jpgmastering the monkey bars.37.jpg Running the bases.47.jpg Batting55.jpg Fielding.65.jpg A little more batting.74.jpg Costume change…time to go to dinner.84.jpg93.jpg The girls having dinner at their own table.  They did a great job without us!102.jpg102.jpg Bubble fun.113.jpg Sweet KJ>122.jpg Happy Birthday ROn!  Hope you had a beautful day.

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  1. merilee says:

    I love the beautiful smiles; everyone seems so happy. Great going on the monkey bars and t-ball! Love you. Mom

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