Here are a few pictures from tonight.  Ella just loves playing the piano.  She has been trying to figure some songs out that I have not taught her yet.  Stella taught Ella how to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Ella has really been trying to figure it out.  She has a great ear.  Ella doesn’t have school tomorrow so she asked if we could do her piano lesson early – tomorrow afternoon is Ella’s first T-Ball practice.  Sunny and I are both coaches.  19.jpg Ella added a few things to her dry erase picture.  The purple guy is a bear and the thing next to him is a honeycomb.  The thing next to the honeycomb is a bee hive.26.jpg36.jpg Ella playing away!46.jpg The gang was playing super hard in the hallway tonight…notice KJ’s sweet sweaty little head!

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  1. Grandma says:

    What beautiful concentration at the piano! Miss you. Love you. Mom

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