Jellybean training

We decided that we needed to get a little more “aggressive” about Ella trying to use the potty. Part of it is us being a little lazy – not being patient enough to let her run around without a diaper for as long as it takes, and the other part is Ella just enjoying using her diaper. She communicates so well and she knows what’s going on so we decided that we would try something else. We filled 2 jars with all different flavor jellybeans and have one downstairs and one upstairs (where the potties are). We told her that if she made a pee or poop on the potty that she would get a jellybean. She has never had a jellybean before so this was pretty exciting for her. As soon as we told her that she would get a jellybean if she went to the bathroom, she said, “I have to pee”. It took a lot longer than that. It took about an hour – a lot of whining, a bath, about 5 stories and some chamomile tea. When she finally peed, she was so excited – she couldn’t believe it! We gave her 4 jellybeans that she picked out. One was cherry, one watermelon, one cotton candy and a chocolate one. She also did a little dance around her room. Hopefully the jellybean training will continue to work.

This is Ella when I came home from work today. We went to the elevator to wait for mommy. Ella is still recovering from her stomach virus. She’s doing really well, but her appetite isn’t exactly right and her nap today was over 3 hours. That’s why she looks a little like a wreck – but what a cute wreck.


Here is a little clip of Ella singing “We’re Off To See The Wizard” from the Wizard of Oz. She learned this all by herself by watching the movie. She’s great at making up words.

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  1. merilee says:

    I love it. That little mouth singing “we’re off to see the wizard”. Just beautiful. Love you. Mom

  2. merilee says:

    I spoke to Ester today, and she told me that she looks at Ella’s web site every morning too. She even showed it to the Yankelevskys in Paris (the Russian artist who we have several works of), and they feel they know her too. Love you. Mom

  3. diana says:

    What a fantastic site! I loved seeing all the wonderful pictures and videos of Ella. It was a joyl seeing ALL OF YOU on Saturday, and I look forward to a longer visit over the holdiays.

    Kisses and hugs to you all-

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