Monday Yoga

Ella had her yoga class today. Since today was a holiday for MLK day, Helen and Ron took Stella and Juliet and I came by the class to take some video. Ella kind of got a little out of sorts when she saw me there – just not used to having me at her yoga class and Stella and Juliet were not really into it today (probably because their parents were there). Anyway, I was able to get a little bit of sweet video. The class is great and the kids did a good job even though it was a little bit of an off day.

Ella and Mommy having a tender moment. Look at Ella’s cute feet and toes.

Juliet was actually having a great moment here.

Ron looks pretty content. Stella, on the other hand…

Ella getting ready to give hugs to her friends


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  1. ester okin says:

    Dear Lauren,
    what a great website to share Ella’s life with relatives and friends; you got me addicted to your beautiful child and your family;
    thank you Ella for giving to us a lots of joy;God Bless you;
    thank you Lauren;

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