Layin’ low.

Today, we stayed around the house for most of the day.  Milo needed some rest and is really battling this cold so we decided that we didn’t have to take any field trips today.  We spent a great part of the morning playing down stairs.  Ella and Milo were playing with Legos and every time Ella began to build something, Milo would knock it over.  Ella was getting frustrated but instead of taking it out on Milo, she went over to her dry erase board easel thing and drew the following…120.jpg This is Ella’s way of expressing her feelings.  There was a picture of Milo with a circle around it and a line through it and then there was a drawing of a leggo and all around it it said, “NO, NO, No, No:  I thought that was great way to get Ella to get her feelings off her chest!  It was also really funny.We had lunch at Crossroads Cafe which was a big success.  Ella had her usual bagel and some fruit and Milo had a bowl of mushroom barley soup.  By the end of lunch, Milo literally almost fell asleep in the soup!    After lunch, we came back here and Ella went over to see Stella and Juliet.  She has been dying to see them – they were out of town during the beginning part of the week.  The girls had a great time as always.  After that, We took Milo into the hall to play with the bubble machine.  Milo kept trying to eat the bubbles off the ground like a dog.  It was hysterical.218.jpg317.jpg418.jpg Bubble fun for everyone!After the bubbles, Ella had a swimming lesson.  She was amazing.  I didn’t take any pictures, but you have to trust me. Ella’s backstroke is like she’s flying across the water.  Her freestyle has improved a billion percent and she’s really swimming like a swimmer…whatever that means.514.jpg Here’s the gang on our way to Nama.614.jpg Ella beat grandma at Tic Tac Toe about 8 times.711.jpg Ella and grandma having a wonderful night together.88.jpgMilo is so happy.  He’s watching every move that Ella makes.96.jpg Milo and AJ dancing the night away.104.jpgWhat a bunch of gooofy people!  Love is everything.1110.jpg Ella and Milo dancing.  123.jpgElla took this lovely picture of Michael and Milo.133.jpg Finally home from all that dancing and eating,   Ella had a job…to feed Hanna’s fish Blue.  Ella did a great job

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous pictures. Happy Michael’s here. Papa arrived at 2:30 AM! Really happy he’s here . Gotta go practice my tic-tac-toe! Love you. Mom

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