An adventure to the Academy

Milo’s cold is in full force but it’s not stopping him from having a lot of fun and some sweet adventures.  We went to the Academy of Sciences today.  Ella loves this place and knew exactly what she wanted to do.  Ella and I ran around and did what she loves…touching the starfish and urchins and shells, and then we went to the Angler Fish exhibit.  Ella is fearless there.  We met up with AJ, grandma and Milo and looked at some pretty beautiful fish, sea horses, jellyfish, lizards, frogs and plenty more.  We had lunch there and headed back here where AJ and Milo napped, Grandma and Ella watched TV, and I meditated and took care of our crazy dog Towby.  We ended the night at Amici’s where we met Ellen for dinner.  Dinner was filled with lots of laughs.  Ella is having a blast.  Here are some pictures from today.119.jpg Ella very excited about touching this shell.217.jpg Cousins checking out the fish.316.jpg Milo and AJ walking towards the sharks and rays.417.jpgElla and Milo getting a closer look at the sharks and rays.513.jpg Sweet shot of a lot of love.613.jpg710.jpg Sweet parent/child moments.87.jpg Grandma and Ella busy at work doing a word search at the restaurant tonight.95.jpg Mommy and Ella on their way home from diner.  Ella said, “It’s Alcatraz cold!”  Luckily Ella got a great ride from mommy

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fun day. I’m glad we have no pictures of grandma drying Milo’s pants in the bathroom hand dryer. Wonderful being here. Love you. Mom

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