First full day of fun!

Today was a really fun and full day.  We started in the morning at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Ella and Milo had a great time.  It was a clear sunny day – a little cold, but beautiful.  We came back here at around 1:00 so Milo could nap and then we took the red wagon to the little park behind the ballpark.  At this point, the kids were pretty much doing their own thing.  Milo was mastering climbing the wall and making friends with kids his age, and Ella was climbing all the way to the top of the red structure in the middle and being spun on the merry go round.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Nama.  It’s so wonderful having you guys here!117.jpg216.jpg Ella and Milo playing around in the tot area.314.jpg Happy beautiful boy.416.jpg512.jpg Sweet Ella dressed up like a skunk.612.jpg Sweet cousins.79.jpg A little hike.86.jpg Two beautiful people.94.jpgMilo getting ready to write a love poem.103.jpg118.jpg Ella the ultimate explorer.122.jpg The last thing Ella wanted to do here – ring the big bell.132.jpg142.jpg On the way to our local park.152.jpgElla is on top of the world.161.jpg Happy while spinning.172.jpg Milo working on walking the wall.182.jpg Ella and her buddy Lou Seal.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great pictures! Great day! Love you. Mom

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