Hooray! Grandma, AJ and Milo safely arrived today!

Ella was so excited when she was going to sleep yesterday morning because she knew that she was going to wake up and then  a few hours later, Ella would be with some of her favorite peeps.  So cute to see Milo come off the plane and immediately see Ella in give her one of those heart melting smiles.  We spent most of the day hanging around, letting Milo check the place out and for all of us  to reconnect and enjoy our beautiful time together.   Ella and Milo are the cutest together.  They are going to have a bast this week.  Ella is having a sleepover with grandma for the next 2 nights and Ella can’ be happier.  I’m sure my mom is having a blast too.  We love having everyone here.  The guys will join us on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will go do something fun.  Here are a few pics from today.116.jpg Ella practicing her letters before breakfast the other morning.215.jpg So excited to see grandma, AJ and Milo.313.jpg Holding hands in the back seat of the car.  True love.415.jpg It warms my heart to see these two playing together.511.jpgMy very serious piano stuent.611.jpg Chocolate with Grandma = pure heaven on so many levels.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It is so wonderful to be in SF with you. Ella and Milo have something very special going on; it’s a joy to watch. Love you. Mom

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