Music, friends and a shopping list

After school today, Ella had her piano lesson with me.  She did a great job.  She really seems to love the piano.  I’ll make a video tomorrow – I’m too tired now.  Ella started learning “Ode To Joy” today.  Her focus continues to amaze me.  After her piano lesson, Ella decided to take out her trumpet.  She had a really strong sound coming out of the trumpet.  Maybe uncle Michael will give Ella a little lesson when he’s here later on in the week.  Stella, Juliet and KJ came over tonight for Friday night movie night.  They watched Despicable Me again!  They all had a great time and at the end, the girls were all dancing this crazy dance, smacking themselves in the butt and cracking up!  It was too crazy to capture it on film.  At the end of the blog, I am putting in a few pictures of a shopping list that Ella made.  Sunny and I told Ella, earlier in the week, that we were not going to tell her how to spell words anymore.  We told her that she should just write down how the words sound to her.  We also told her that in kindergarten, they have the kids sound things out and write them down the way they think they are spelled.  We told her that she can start practicing now and then things would be so easy for her.  Tonight, for the first time, Ella did the words all by herself.  It was so great to see!114.jpgThis is a picture from the other night – Ella has been into wearing her princess dresses lately.214.jpg Wednesday evening – a fun game of Candyland.312.jpgElla was looking up the planets in her dictionary.414.jpg510.jpg Tonight’s piano lesson.610.jpgMove over Chet Baker!102.jpg Having fun before the movie.  Check out Ella’s off the shoulder look.  Stella came over with her Belle dress on and Ella really wanted to put on hers.  Stella and Ella went upstairs and so that Ella could change.  She yelled from upstairs that her dress was in the closet and she couldn’t reach it.  I told her to have Stella help – Stella is much taller that Ella.  About 5 minutes later, Stella came downstairs and said, “Presenting Ella” and Ella came downstairs looking like Belle.  Later, we asked Ella how they reached the dress and she said, “We took the step stool from my bathroom and carried it into the closet” (That thing is really heavy).  She then said, “We carried it together, ya know, teamwork”.  So great!115.jpg The whole gang watching Despicable Me.78.jpg85.jpg93.jpg OK – here is the translation: Oranges, toothpaste, no idea what the first one is on the second page, butterscotch pudding, olives, bananas, watermelon, cucumber, pasta, butter, dogs, fish and apples. Great job Ella!

4 Responses to “Music, friends and a shopping list”

  1. AJ says:

    Best shopping list ever!!!!!
    Budr is my favorite. Go phonics!

  2. AJ says:

    i think the mystery word is “peaches”. UNCLE M

  3. sunny says:

    Uncle M is right! It is peaches! Ella kept asking me what we needed to buy at the grocery store and I said Peaches! Way to go Micky-

  4. Grandma says:

    Are you sure Ella wrote bananas?
    I love the teamwork getting Ella’s Belle dress down.
    Love you. Mom

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