The Aquarium with Grandma

Grandma and Papa came in on Thursday night. Ella didn’t get to see them when they came in, but was so happy to see them this morning. Mommy had to work today, so I took Ella, Grandma and Papa down by Fisherman’s Wharf where Papa had a meeting. Ella, Grandma and I went to lunch, the aquarium and finally the carousel. At the aquarium, Ella kept referencing the movie Finding Nemo. She has been watching it a lot and really loves the characters. In the video below, when you hear her referencing Bruce, she is talking about a great white shark. She loves Bruce. Here are some pictures and a video.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and then there’s beautiful Ella

Grandma, Papa and Ella walking down the street. I know Grandma’s eyes are closed, but I think it’s a great picture

I just think this is such a sweet picture of Ella

The carousel!

Here’s the video…

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  1. merilee says:

    I just watched the video again. What a joy! We had a wonderful time. Hope you’re all feeling better. Love you. Mom

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