Friday and Saturday

A warning – I have taken my Ambien so it may look a little like last night’s which I did edit a little today when I wasn’t sleep typing.  On Friday night, we went to an event put on by the CDS Middle School.  They did a series of short plays.  Ella loved being there hanging with the older girls.  She didn’t seem like she was getting too much in the way.  She loved watching them on stage.  I’m sure most of it  went right over her head, but she still loved it.  On Saturday, I went to a workshop at SFSU and Ella and mommy hung out.  At 3:00, Ella went to TaeKwonDo and SUnny and I worked out  A little later, Juliet and KJ came over for dinner and a movie.  Stella was at a sleepover.  Ron and Helen were out earlier in the evening and then came home at about 8:30 and then we swapped kids.  ELla and Juliet had a sleepover and then they got to have some good buddy time together.  They spent a good part of the day with each other today and then when Stella come home, they all played.  There was a lot of love this weekend.124.jpg220.jpg319.jpg417.jpg Fun at Taeknowdo.516.jpg614.jpg89.jpg So much fun with bubbles and movies.Here is a video of Ella’s latest piano lesson.           She played Old MacDonald and Control Freak (one of AJ’s songs).

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  1. Grandma says:

    What fun. Can’t wait to visit. Love you. Mom

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