Leaping Lizard Friday Assembly

The Leaping Lizards did a great job on Friday.  They were all adorable, they looked so sweet, they worked really hard and it paid off.  Alicia – you picked the perfect thing to do.  It was short and adorable.  As a few parents who are not in our class commented…it was almost TOO much cuteness.  The video is of Ella and the job that she had.  Her friend Emmi hogged the mic, but instead of Ella pouting or crying, she hung in there and just let it all happen.  When her friend Clark came up to the mic late and tried to talk to Ella, notice Ella’s hand gestures.  Priceless.  So much more to report from the weekend but I’m so tired so I’ll just leave it at the assembly.  Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.123.jpg Ella walking out with her buddy Cassi.219.jpgElla probably finding mommy in the audience.318.jpgElla and Emmi causing trouble.416.jpg Ella seems to think that something is funny.Here’s a video of the announcement and song.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Precious! Love you. Grandma

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