Sweet beautiful ballet recital

Today was Ella’s ballet recital.  It was a small recital – just for parents/caregivers/friends/ family.  Ella was very excited about it.  She also had a fantastic day at school.  Alicia was out for the whole week last week and Gladys was out for 2 days.  Today Alicia and Gladys were back and all was good in Ella’s world.  She was wearing a Hannah Montana brand shirt that Aunt Heather had given to her, and Ella couldn’t wait to show it to Alicia.  Ella gets so goofy with Hannah Montana.  Maybe one day she’ll be able to really explain it.  After school, Ella started Tree Frog Treks again and met a bearded dragon named Pablo.  After the recital, we went to Pier 39 and had dinner at the Crab House.  It was delicious and Ella remained excited and happy throughout the meal.  We all need to hold onto the love and sweetness in life.  There are too many crazy things going on around us all.  Love and peace is where it’s at.120.jpg Ella right before ballet class.217.jpg Getting a pep talk from Laura the ballet teacher.316.jpg Stretching…414.jpg Getting excited.514.jpg Listening to directions.612.jpg78.jpg Ella is leading the marching line.88.jpg95.jpg The scenic shots!  Heading over to the crab house.104.jpg Gorgeous sunset.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful! Ella exudes happiness and seriousness. It’s wonderful, and you and Sunny are wonderful to be raising a daughter so high on life. It’s contagious. Love you. Mom

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