Another beautiful day

Today was another gorgeous day here.  Ella and I went over to the ballpark to go on the slide and play in the little ballpark.  Ella hit the ball so well!  Time really makes a difference.  I did some pitching to her and she was able to really hit the ball!  Sunny met us over there and then we had lunch at the Crossroads Cafe.  All day, Ella kept saying, “I need to go to Stella’s knitting club”.  I guess Stella told Ella that she was having a knitting club today.  We checked it out with Helen and she said that they were having company today so there was no “knitting club” but Stella has been trying to do finger knitting lately so it wasn’t so far fetched that she would have told Ella that there was a knitting club at her place – it sounds like she wants one.  Ella kept wanting to see Stella and Juliet this evening but they were out.  Ella left a note on their door but I guess they got home too late to come over.  I hope they have their knitting club sometime this week.119.jpg Walking over to the slide.216.jpg They are slowly turning the field back to a baseball field.  There was a football game there a few weeks ago.  We’re ready for baseball.315.jpg Totally tall enough for this slide and about 1/2 inch to go for the big slide.413.jpg Miss Thing at the Crossroads Cafe.513.jpg The face of a child who just had some delicious hot fudge on her ice cream.611.jpg More practicing on her own.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It looks so beautiful there; wish I were with you. It’s about 6 degrees here, but the house is warm. Love the way Ella is playing the piano. Her little hands on the video the other day look like yours. Love you. Mom

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