Beautiful day

Sorry to my East coast friends and family who are freezing over there.  It has been beautiful here.  We started the day taking a nice walk along the water and ended up at the Java House.  Ella was running and playing and having lots of fun.  Becca joined us for lunch and we just hung out in the sun.  In the afternoon, Ella had a birthday party to do to at a place called Terra Mia.  The kids got to paint different pieces of pottery.  Ella painted a bud vase and this round little disc.  She had a great time with some of her friends from school.  Tonight, we had Saturday night movie night with Ron, KJ, Stella and Juliet.  Helen went out to the movies.  The kids loved their weekend movie nights together.  We watched the Incredibles.118.jpg I snuck up on these guys and took this shot from the little field in front of the restaurant.215.jpg314.jpg Ella has been really into running and seeing how far she can jump.412.jpg Talking with her buddy Harry at the party.511.jpg Ella and Luke – the birthday boy.610.jpgElla with Luke and his big brother Leo.  Ella has a lot of fun with these guys – especially around baseball.77.jpg Ella practicing the piano without being bothered by us.87.jpg The whole gang.  Ella decided that it was a fancy night for her.94.jpg The three musketeers.

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