Where do I begin?

What a full beautiful day today was.  It started in the morning at CDS where the school had an all school MLK Day assembly.  Ella’s class presented something with their 8th grade buddies.  They were talking about Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Each kid drew a picture and told the teacher what their dream was and the teacher wrote it down.  At the assembly, the kids were supposed to tell their dreams into the microphone.  Most of the kids in Ella’s class were really shy and did not want to talk into the microphone.  5 out of around 22 kids spoke into the mic.  Ella was one of them.  She couldn’t wait!  I only put the end of the assembly in a little clip at the end.  After school, I gave Ella a piano lesson.  She was fantastic.  I think Ella can actually be good if she works.  There is a piano lesson video at the end too.  After her lesson, we took Towby for a walk along the water and we saw a whole bunch of seals.  It was so sweet.  I captured a tiny bit on video.  I mixed that video in with the MLK one.  Tonight, the Kim/ Area clan came over for Friday night movie night.  We watched Ratatouille.  The kids were wonderful.  Today was really a great day.  Ella’s nose is getting better.  We think her impetigo came back a little bit but it’s on it’s way off her face.  She must be very sensitive.117.jpg Ella and Cassi this morning after the assembly.214.jpgElla playing the piano.313.jpg411.jpg Ella walking Towby around the ballpark.510.jpg Looking for sea lions.69.jpgGetting a little cooler out at sunset.76.jpg Making the brownies.86.jpg Friday night movie night gang.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fabulous speech and incredible piano playing! Love you. Mom

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