The Zoo and Ballet

The zoo was a lot of fun.  Each child had a sketch book and they were drawing the animals that they saw.  All the kids were really focused.  We all had a great time together.  After the zoo, I took Ella to ballet where she continued to do a fantastic job.  I still can’t believe how many activities Ella can stand!  I am super tired so enjoy the pictures and the ballet video.115.jpg212.jpg THe girls and their sketchbooks.311.jpg410.jpg Lion love.68.jpg Best buddies.59.jpg I love this shot of the girls and the meerkat.75.jpg Ella really wanted to sit on this turtle.85.jpg Buddies at the petting zoo.93.jpg103.jpg Our prima ballerina.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Zoo to ballet IS amazing! Great idea to bring a sketch pad to the zoo. I’d love to see drawings. And I love the and video of Ella at the barre and doing the skipping routine. Is there gong to be a recital? Wish I were with you. Love you. Mom

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