Can’t believe a week has gone by!

We have had such an amazing week with grandma and papa.  It feels like it just flew by.  We have one more full day and night tomorrow (today and tonight).  Today, mommy went to work, Ella went with grandma to get her hair washed and blown out, and papa and I went to Patagonia to do some shopping.  We all met up at Amicis for lunch and then we took a nice walk and Ella had a great bike ride.  Tonight we had a really nice dinner at Momo’s – not a usual place that we go to but it was really good! Ella’s nose is getting better.  The oral antibiotics are starting to work.  We’re going to have dinner here for New Year’s Eve and of course since New Year’s Eve means nothing to Ella, she wants to have Friday night movie night with grandma and papa.  Ella wants to see Spirited Away.  We saw it a few weeks ago and it was pretty intense, but she really wants grandma and papa to see it (better than seeing Despicable Me for the 3rd time this week!).  Grandma is doing really well with her shoulder. Tonight she was even able to cut her chicken with both hands.  This is a very exciting milestone.  Keep working hard grandma!  You’ll be flapping both of your wings in no time.146.jpg222.jpg Grandma and Ella checking out the transition that is being made from a baseball field to a football field!  It’s always a little strange to see.317.jpg Go Ella go!515.jpg I love this shot – mommy was pushing Ella and this other little girl on the merry go round thing.615.jpg Grandma and Ella heading home.713.jpg Love and happiness, beautiful people and beautiful scenery.813.jpg Great shot.  Thanks papa!911.jpg Looks like Ella is about to jump right into a pool.

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  1. Grandma says:

    The week has flown by too fast. You and Sunny are such welcoming hosts. We are truly grateful for your warmth and love and for making us feel at home. And that beautiful Ella is so much a part of our lives thanks to you.we love you. Mom

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