Hanging out downtown

Today we decided to go to the Jewish Museum downtown to see the Curious George exhibit.  We didn’t check the museum schedule and got to the museum to find out that it was closed.  Ella was totally fine that it was closed – later on during the day she told us that she told grandma and papa in the morning that she wanted to go to the Jewish Museum on Thursday and that she was right – we can’t go Wednesday because it’s closed…so we have to go on Thursday.  Ella threw some coins in the water outside of the museum and ran on the water steps with papa.  We decided that we would go to SFMOMA since it was right there.  Ella was pretty interested in some of the stuff and not so interested in others.  At least she knows what she likes.  After the museum we had lunch at Nordstrom where she inhaled her mac and cheese.  Sunny and I went out on a hot date tonight and saw the Little Fockers (didn’t really plan to see that but that’s what we ended up seeing) and Ella had a date with grandma and papa which I know made the 3 of them really happy!145.jpg Another great grandma Ella papa shot walking down Mission Street.  It was a little colder out today.220.jpg Playing around with papa on the water steps.316.jpg Making one of many wishes.416.jpg Taking those steps like a champion.514.jpg Here are Ella and grandma at the SFMOMA.  Grandma was introducing Ella to some of her friends.614.jpg Ella LOVED this cake – we had a little mid day snack at the sculpture garden cafe.712.jpg Ella was mesmerized by this piece.  She sat there for quite a while watching it change.812.jpg910.jpg A beautiful gold beaded curtain that Ella loved running through.1010.jpg Ella added some more stuff to her dream.1212.jpg We did a video chat with AJ, Michael and Milo this morning.  It was great seeing you guys…we love you!  Michael and AJ got this costume for Ella for Chanukah but it was at our house.  They were going to give it to her while they were here but since they couldn’t make it, they had me present it to Ella during the iChat.  Ella loves it.

2 Responses to “Hanging out downtown”

  1. Grandma says:

    It WAS a great day, as every day is when we’re with you guys. Love you. Mom

  2. AJ says:

    We loved chatting with you yesterday. Still sad that it wasn’t in person, but so glad to see you all. Ella looks fabulous in her Jessie costume. I can’t wait to see it in person in February.
    Love you. AJ

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