All snowed in…

Jamie, Michael and Milo were supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  They are stuck in the NYC blizzard.  It really sucks because were were all looking forward to spending some beautiful time together.  It they can’t make it out by Wednesday, we’re gonna take a raincheck for February.  If you guys are reading this, we love you very much and can’t wait until we get to all be with each other.  Let’s do a video chat tomorrow.  Life in SF has been really sweet.  The weather here has held up pretty well and today we went to see the Nutcracker.  It was a beautiful production but I have to admit that I get pretty bored by the middle of the second act.  Ella of course loved it and grandma brought our binoculars with her so that Ella could see up close.  Ella loved using the binoculars and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  After the Nutcracker, we came home and Stella and Juliet came over.  The girls played games and had a lot of fun.  Tonight Ella watched Bedtime Stories with grandma and papa.  Grandma thought it was one of the most inane movies she had ever seen.  I would take it over Gulliver’s Travels any day.138.jpg Ella and papa doing a crossword puzzle together.217.jpg Getting ready to leave for the Nutcracker.313.jpg Beautiful shot in front of the ballet.413.jpg Ella using the binoculars.511.jpgWe bumped into one of Ella’s classmates, Ellison at the Nutcracker.  Ella got along really well with Ellison’s cousin.  They had a great conversation about movies.612.jpgMommy and Ella by City Hall.710.jpg810.jpg Playing old school games Kerplunk and Candy Land.98.jpg108.jpg We are fish sitting our neighbor Hannah’s fish this week.  Ella is taking her job very seriously.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Inane or not, I’d watch it again with Ella any day. And I loved watching Ella watching ‘The Nutcracker Ballet’ as much as I enjoyed the ballet itself. Love being here. Love you. Mom

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