Grandma and papa are here!

Ella woke up early this morning, woke me up and asked me when grandma and papa were going to land.  It was around 7:00 am so I told her that they would be landing in like 7 hours.  This is how the rest of our day was…when are they landing?  How many hours?  I can’t wait!  How many hours?  We finally left for the airport and 40 minutes later, grandma and papa were in the car and Ella was the happiest kid in the world.  Grandma looks terrific!  She’s doing really well with her shoulder recovery.  Papa is fantastic also, you would never know that he had surgery in November from side galloping.  We all hung out in the afternoon and Ella watched Despicable Me with grandma and papa.  Tonight we had dinner at Nama and had a great time.  Just as I was tucking Ella in tonight, she looked at me and said in such an excited and loving voice…”I can’t believe that they are actually here!”  Beautiful.  Nothing like pure love.  I want to to wish everyone who celebrates, a beautiful Christmas.  I hope you are all with the people who you love.  I know we are.130.jpg Here they are!215.jpg Tonight, I went to see what Ella had drawn earlier today on her dry erase board.  It’s behind a concrete pole, so it’s like her own private studio.  I took a look at it and asked Ella what it was…she said that the red person was Ella, sleeping and the rest was a dream.  The face in the first cloud was Brickelle and then there was the rainbow and at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold of course.  She said that was her best dream.  I love the way her drawing told this happy story.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We ARE here and couldn’t be happier. Love you. Mom

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